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Unique jewelry making: Paperclip earrings tutorial

Unique jewelry making: Paperclip earrings tutorial

Long time ago I sow interesting handmade earrings. They were made out of paperclips. They looked really pretty. It wasn't like that I would weare office supplies. I decided that they are "must make", but, eventually, I completely forgot on them. Few days ago I tumbled on them again. This time, I didn't gave them time to disapire. I hope that you like my version.

Orginalne je napravila Prekrasne su! / These are original ones made from They are beautifull.

I što je najbolje, pokazati ću vam, korak po korak, kako možete napraviti svoje unikatne naušnice.

The best thing is that I will show you how to make unique earrings on your own.


Zalijepi čipku običnim ljepilom / Glue the lace with regular glue

I can't wait to get some white lace. Or creamy one...

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